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Autodesk Structural Bridge Design

Developer Autodesk

Autodesk Structural Bridge Design is a full suite of section modules, beam modules and analysis modules, integrated ...


Developer G10config

G10config is an efficient program that allows you to configure GSM modules G10, G10T, G10C and G7. Also, it enables you to ...

HSC Chemistry

Developer Outotec

HSC Chemistry 7 contains 22 calculation modules which are connected to 12 databases as appropriate. Most calculation modules ...

M-Audio Drum and Bass Rig

Developer M-Audio. A part of Avid.

M-Audio Drum and Bass Rig 1.2 is a software program that provides a wide variety of bass and drum sounds in ...

Benthic Software: PLEdit

Developer Benthic Software

Benthic Software: PLEdit is a program that allows editing and compiling of PL/SQL code modules (stored procedures). You can edit ...

e-Sword Library Manager

Developer Raymond Barone

e-Sword Library Manager is a program that allows you to organize the e-Sword modules that you have (renaming and reordering ...

Opencockpits AUTOCONFIG software

Developer Opencockpits

With this application, you can self-configure your modules for the various add-on available and can connect so easily ...


Developer Systeme Helmholz GmbH

The CAN modules are parameterized on the PC using the CANParam parameterization tool (contained in the ...


Developer Eberhard Held

Modplan-e is a pv planning tool which should make easier the subdivision and choice of the modules on a roof or a ...

EyesWeb XMI Gesture processing Library

Developer Infomus Lab, DIST, University of Genoa

- The EyesWeb Motion Analysis Library: a collection of modules for real-time extraction of expressive movement cues from human full-body movement, ...

GX Configurator-ST


The GX Configurator range comprises a suit of software tools that allow quick and easy setup of PLCs ...


Developer Bitsum Technologies

PEBundle combines an executable and the modules it depends on into a seamless binary that runs just as ...


Developer Last Night

LifeAmp is a Winamp plugin for playing modules - MOD, XM, S3M, IT. Modules are played using MIDI and SoundFonts ...


Developer TEFASOFT

This program is the framework for ZENifier Tool and Imaging modules. ZENifier is a graphical Windows application that manages Novell's ZENworks ...


Developer ISM-Software

Nautico is constructed with modules which are installable separately from each other, but are all in the same mainframe of the application. The ...